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Boone Electric Cooperative

The Business or Organization Honoree

Year Inducted: 2018

Founded in 1936, it was the first electric cooperative in Missouri. It was originally formed to bring electrification to hundreds of farms and homes located outside of the city of Columbia, and within Boone County when other utilities would not build costly miles of infrastructure to serve rural areas.

The mission of Boone Electric Cooperative is to provide reliable electric energy and other services at the lowest possible cost through sound business practices.

The Cooperative is owned by its members and today serves more than 30,000 homes, farms and businesses throughout Boone County. It is governed by a nine-person board of directors elected by the membership. Profits earned from providing services to members are returned to those members to the extent they are not required for expansion and replacement of assets for the Cooperative. Formed by BEC’s board in 1997, the Boone Electric Community Trust has awarded grants totaling more than $2.6 million to deserving charitable organizations in Boone County and its service territory.